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Avoid Buying A Money Pit

Nobody Likes Surprises… Especially Home Buyers

Today’s home buyers spend a lot of money to purchase a home, a condo, a townhouse which is one of the most important purchases they’ll ever make.

An important step in the home buying process is having a detailed inspection to discover the conditions of a home and to avoid purchasing a property in need of major repairs.

As a buyer, you’re looking for unbiased and objective information about the home to help you make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

…an experienced home inspector can be your best friend

Choose a home inspection company that’s inspected over 10,000 homes and is committed to providing outstanding customer service from beginning to end.

The House Whisperer LLC is a dedicated residential and commercial inspection company, that’s been providing inspection excellence to home buyers, sellers and real estate agents throughout the San Francisco East Bay since 1999.

The house whisperer. The house whisperer.

“Experience our Driveway Talk, In-depth Inspection, Walk-Around Summary and Comprehensive Report”

Glenn Stewart

The House Whisperer

PS. This is no time to shop for a cheap inspection. The cost of a home inspection is very small relative to the value of the home being inspected.


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