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Brick Pier Rock 'n Roll

The House Whisperer was under a 58 year old house in San Ramon and spotted this “makes-me-nervous” post and pier configuration. There had been recent seismic activity in the area.

Vertical posts and their piers are designed to support the floor above to prevent sagging.

Here’s a photo of an out of plumb support post… sitting on a loose stack of bricks on a concrete footing… with a spacer block at the top between the beam and post… ingenuity at its worst.

Californians live in earthquake country, where the ground will rock n roll. If this brick and post collapses, the floor above will probably sag or worse yet, there’ll be structural damage.

Count on the experienced and knowledgeable inspectors at The House Whisperer to report on what’s holding up your client’s house.

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