Free or Low-Cost Ways to Save Energy

Try these no-cost or low-cost ways to save energy:

  • Set the dishwasher to Air-Dry rather than Heat-Dry

  • Turn off TVs, radios, lights, computers, printers, fans, and plug-in music equipment… When leaving a room

  • Unplug chargers when not using them… Laptop and cell phone chargers consume electricity just by being plugged in

  • Replace incandescent lights with CFLs – compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs – light-emitting diode bulbs

  • Set the water heater to 120°F

  • Shower rather than using the bathtub

  •  Install a low-flow showerhead

  • Use the washing machine with a full load of clothes

  • Clean the dryer lint trap each time a load of clothes is dried to reduce drying time.

  • Air dry clothes and tumble in dryer for 10 minutes

  • Close windows and doors, when heating or cooling the house

  • At night, pull down shades and draw curtains

  • Caulk/seal around windows, doors, mail slots, pipes, wires/cables, wall AC units, floor baseboard, wall outlets and switches

  • Use a microwave oven (if you can) over a conventional oven

  • Put lids on pots and pans to heat food more quickly and save time that the gas or electric cooktop is turned on