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3 Costly Mistakes Realtors Can Make…


3 Costly Mistakes Realtors Can Makewhen recommending a property inspection in California



Assumption #1 That home inspectors are licensed by the State



-       Home inspectors are not licensed or regulated by anyone

-       Like a building contractor, some realtors assume all inspectors are equally qualified

-       There are no qualifications, testing or training required to be a home inspector

-       Anyone can call themselves a home inspector.

-       Low price inspections are a clue to a novice inspector.




Assumption #2 That all inspectors belong to an inspection organization



-          Many inspectors have no affiliation with an inspection association

-          They don’t take their profession seriously and may not have any training

-          Inspection details and thoroughness can vary greatly between inspectors


-          ASHI, CREIA, NACHI members in good standing are certified by exams

-          Certified home inspectors wear an ID badge

-          ASHI, CREIA, NACHI membership requires continuing education

-          Certified inspectors adhere to Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics



Assumption #3 All inspectors carry E&O insurance



-          Many inspectors do not have an E&O insurance policy. It is not required.

-          Some inspectors, who had insurance, have had their policy cancelled due to claims history


If there is a claim against an inspector with no or inadequate insurance, who do you think will be left holding the bag?


-          Protect yourself by asking for a copy of your inspector’s E&O certificate

-          Transfer risk to an inspector that has a high dollar amount of coverage and has the referring realtor as an additional insured.




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