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Plugged TPRV

My first thought was... Are you kidding me?

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Sagging Floor

A story about the septic tank from hell...

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Elevated Deck Posts

Picture a house built on a steep hillside with an elevated deck 18 feet above the ground with the bottoms of the...

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Dirty Filter

When is the last time you looked under your kitchen exhaust hood or...

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Tangling Duct Tape

But it says grey duct tape...

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When Rodents Party

Did you know that when the cold weather arrives the rats, raccoons, possums, mice, squirrels, birds, bats etc. look for a place to hunker down for the winter...

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Precarious Post and Pier

While under an old Pleasant Hill house, The House Whisperer inspector spotted this makes-me-nervous-looking-at-it support post sitting on loosely stacked bricks… obviously installed by a non-professional. Continue Story

Oh-Oh Dishwasher Water

You’ve seen them… those small chrome cylinders with open slots installed on your kitchen sink deck or counter top. Have you wondered what that silver thingy is? Continue Story

Asbestos Boots

Not the white cowboy boots… but rather the metal ‘transition boot’ between the round ducts in the crawlspace and/or attic to the rectangular wall or ceiling heat registers in rooms… that wrapped with asbestos.  Continue Story

Aluminum Electrical Wire

Aluminum electrical wire was installed in houses from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s during a period of high copper prices.  Continue Story

The Missing AC

As The House Whisperer inspector rounded the back of a Brentwood home… the remains of where an air conditioner unit once sat was evident… most likely due to copper theft during the 2008 mortgage meltdown. Continue Story

Flexible Gas Pipe Concern

You’re looking at a flexible brass gas supply pipe going into the side of an older heating furnace.  Continue Story

A Bust in Oakland

Many Oakland home inspections turn out to be entertaining. Founded in 1852, Oakland was recently declared as the most diverse city in terms of various ethnic populations. Around 150 languages are spoken in the Oakland metropolitan area with a population of approximately 400,000. Continue Story

Attic Nightmare

Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, people will awake from sleep, sit straight up in bed and listen intently… “What was that?” Then silence, but then the silence is broken again… a scurrying sound... gnawing... “there’s something in the attic”. Continue Story

Attic Secrets

The older San Leandro house had been upgraded with new kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, freshly painted and was beautifully decorated… a showcase. The House Whisperer was beginning to get nervous, as no discrepancies had yet been noted.  Continue Story

The Little Fan That Couldn’t

During a Pleasanton home inspection, a creative solution for cooling the attic space was spotted… yes, a table top fan was tied to the roof directly under a roof vent.  Continue Story