Water, Water, Everywhere

Before a home inspector enters a crawlspace, they will remove the access panel and take a quick look with a flashlight.

Finding water under a house is not a good thing.

Swimming in a pool is great exercise. Creating a Koi pond can bring a sense of calm to the garden, but finding water under a house is not what a homeowner wants to hear and stress levels rise.

Standing water and saturated soil in a crawl space can create undesirable conditions for the structural integrity and air quality in a home.

  • Uneven and sloping floors
  • Foundation cracks, settlement
  • Mold growth and odors
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Air duct damage

As you can see, water can be a good thing or not so good of a thing.

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Why is the Room Cold?

The crawlspace (area under a house) is a home inspector’s favorite place to inspect.

Crushed or disconnected heating/cooling ducts are discovered more often than you think in the crawlspace and can definitely affect heating/cooling performance inside the house.

Why does this happen?

Because the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Crawling 20 feet to get around a duct and then back 20 feet, isn’t an option for some.

The soft flexible heat ducts tempts people to take a shortcut.

Of course the stature and energy of people probably factors into the equation… and a decision must be made: Do I go over the top or under the duct?

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Crutch Support

After thousands of home inspections, it sometimes begins to look routine.

That is until the home inspector encountered this San Leandro mobile home creatively using crutches to support the side door awning.

At first glance, it looked a little odd – but, what do you do with crutches when they’re not needed anymore?

Do you know that there are five types of crutches: Forearm, Underarm, Strutters, Platform, and Leg Support?

The homeowner used the underarm crutches, which are the most common type in U.S. and are used most often by people with temporary disability or injury.

The crutch design has evolved from the basic “T” used by Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol… to aluminum braces with ice-gripping tips… and energy-storing tips that function as shock absorbers – kind of like Air Jordans for the injured.

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Makes You Wonder

Home inspectors “love” crawl spaces, which is why they save crawling under the house as their last inspection step.

Put a group of seasoned inspectors together and ask them what they’ve seen in crawlspaces and they’ll tell you they’ve seen it all.

The water, the mud, snakes, skunks, rodents, raccoons, termite tubes, carcasses, rotting wood, rusted furnaces, plumbing leaks, disconnected ducts, live electrical wiring, rodent nests, etc…

And now – A pair of shoes sitting in the middle of a 2800 sqft crawlspace in Blackhawk.

What happened? Do they belong to the plumber, the electrician, the HVAC guy or a previous home inspector?

What did they see that made them jump out of their shoes? – It makes you wonder.

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